The Storm series includes the following models: Prokart, Prokart Evo, Competition Kart. Prokart is the entry level model, Prokart Evo is the most complete model in terms of accessories and Competition Kart is a high performance model for expert drivers and fans. Various interventions can be carried out to transform a Prokart into a Prokart Evo and, subsequently, even into a Competition Kart.
The Competition Kart is the top model of the Storm series. Like the Prokart and Prokart Evo models, it was designed and created for rental activities, but its level of performance make it suitable for expert drivers and such customers can thus take advantage of its potentialities. There are different types of solutions:
indoor/outdoor, chain/belt, lithium battery and three different types of equipment (Base Equipment BE, Safety Equipment SE, Comfort & Safety Equipment CSE). It comes with an AC electric motor, single axle, stoplights, reverse gear, two self-ventilated disk brakes, remote radio controller with 8 speeds, complete protection of the mechanical parts with a monocoque and a shaped footboard.

Go Kart elettrico OTL serie STORM